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Breast augmentation before finishing having children? 3 reasons to schedule surgery and 3 reasons to hold off

This is probably the most common question I hear from women considering breast augmentation. Of path the answer will certainly be different for each specific and it is not my place to push you in one direction or yet another yet my chance is to inform you on exactly what plastic surgeons know from previous studies and my own experience. In Scottsdale and the East Valley there are families along with lots of youngsters and regularly I see mothers that don’t hope to wait until their 4th, 5th or even 6th kid is born. We all know that pregnancy and breast feeding can easily have actually variable effects on breast tissue whether leading to flattening of the breast or breast ptosis (sagging). Due to this variability, even for the same specific pregnancy, there is no absolute method to predict exactly what adjustments will certainly occur along with yet another pregnancy adhering to breast augmentation. The most common worries I see as quickly as considering yet another kid are: will certainly I have the ability to breast feed and exactly how will certainly my breasts adjustment after pregnancy or breast feeding?

Q. will certainly I have the ability to breast feed along with a breast augmentation?

A. lots of women in my own technique and in published literature are able to breast feed successfully adhering to breast augmentation. Any operation on the breast does come along with the opportunity of affecting lactation especially as quickly as incisions are made about the nipple areolar complex (NAC). Peri-areolar incisions will certainly disrupt several of the lactating glands so I usually recommend an infra-mammary or trans-axillary approach if my patient is pretty concerned regarding breast feeding. Some patients might locate they have to supplement along with formula despite the fact that this is not uncommon along with women that have actually not had any breast surgery as well. Theoretically an incision made below the breast or in the armpit does not disrupt any breast tissue as the implants are placed directly under the breast gland and usually under the pectoralis muscle.

Q. exactly how will certainly my breasts adjustment along with pregnancy? will certainly I requirement yet another surgery after breast feeding?

A. As I specified above, every woman’s breast adjustments differently along with pregnancy and breast feeding. One patient’s skin might secure up significantly adhering to lactation to where there is minimal adjustment while others might shed volume and produce breast sagging as well. A lot more often I see smaller sized adjustments along with smaller sized breasts yet this isn’t constantly the case. yet another factor to think about is weight gain along with pregnancy or lactation. If a patient gains weight along with or devoid of pregnancy then loses the weight, breast sagging can easily be the result and a breast lift is an option for correction.

Most importantly, breast implants do not raise risk or pose any danger to infants breast feeding or pregnant mothers whether silicone or saline. Ultimately only you know as quickly as you are prepared and you ought to not be pushed otherwise. I have actually lots of patients that decided they want their youthful physique spine now and are happy they did not wait while various other patients that decided to wait until they are finished along with youngsters additionally are satisfied. Feel free to email or come for a free consultation if you have actually any various other pertains to you would certainly love to discuss. Below is a summary of reasons patients decide to proceed along with breast augmentation and reasons to wait.

3 Reasons to proceed along with breast augmentation

  1. Better sex life according to a recent study from Brazil, specifically Much better arousal and satisfaction
  2. Regain your youthful breast shape and Much better self image. lots of woman grab fit and feel wonderful after pregnancy yet unfortunately breast augmentation is the only method to restore breast size
  3. Another pregnancy might not change breast shape and lots of patients are still happy along with the adjustments adhering to birth. Breast implants have actually little if any affect on breast feeding.

3 Reasons to wait until after children:

  1.  Possibly lower opportunities of needing corrective breast lift or implant exchange
  2. May require formula supplementation, not sufficient evidence to say for sure
  3. Breast feeding might be uncomfortable for some

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Delighted patient talks with Scottsdale plastic surgeon Dr. Todd Malan concerning normal breast augmentation utilizing her very own stem cells. Phone call our surgeon at 480.998.799nine with regard to your appointment.

Cosmetic / Plastic Surgeon, Scottsdale (Phoenix) , Arizona – Phone call 480.998.7999

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Dr. Todd K Malan Scottsdale plastic surgeon patient evaluations
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Liposuction vs. Coolsculpting. Which is best for you?

I am often asked the question, “exactly what is the difference between Coolsculpting and Liposuction”? The two procedures are proven means of removing excess fat, however the mechanism and procedures are totally different. Along with the right patient each procedure can easily have actually great outcomes and The two keep on to demonstrate a higher degree of patient satisfaction. Below is a summary of the differences between them. We offer The two choices in our Gilbert, AZ office near Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ.


How does it work?

  • Liposuction – a surgical procedure requiring either general anesthesia or local anesthesia that uses blunt surgical instruments to break up and vacuum excess fat deposits, sculpting and smoothing areas of excess fat.
  •  Coolsculpting – a non-invasive FDA approved treatment that uses a cooling technique known as cryolipolysis to induce fat cell death and ultimately remove excess fat in the treated area. Click here for much more information.

Who is an excellent candidate?

  •  Liposuction – any kind of healthy and balanced patient devoid of bleeding disorders or abdominal hernias That have actually excess fat that doesn’t respond to diet plan and exercise. A person Along with a considerable quantity of excess skin is additionally not an excellent candidate.
  •  Coolsculpting – Previously we felt this was only correct for patients Along with small pockets of excess fat however Along with much more treatments patients Along with even larger areas of fat can easily have actually wonderful improvement. The latest treatment applicators limit treatment areas to the abdomen, adore handles, spine (bra rolls), upper arms and medial thighs.


  • Liposuction – dramatically boost physique contour and enable reshaping of the patient’s body.
  • Coolsculpting – non-invasive procedure Along with no downtime, minimal to zero discomfort, no needles or sedation.


  • Liposuction – a surgical procedure, therefore, risks of bleeding and blood clots, despite the fact that rare.
  • Coolsculpting – similar to liposuction contour abnormalities could occur. You could necessity much more compared to one treatment despite the fact that improvement is seen in each treated location much more compared to 80% of the time.


  • Liposuction – swelling and bruising can easily occur. A compression garment is recommended adhering to the procedure. Pain and discomfort depends on the extent of the surgery.
  • Coolsculpting – No downtime! No garment is needed and you could even physical exercise later that day. The location might be numb or sensitive for regarding a week, this varies.

Expected results?

  • Liposuction – loss of fat in treated areas for a much better physique shape and contour. As a result of swelling and inflammation last outcomes could take 1-3 months to see. Liposuction does not boost cellulite and could even worsen it. Skin could retract As a result of its natural elasticity however liposuction does not remove excess, saggy skin.
  • Coolsculpting – a 20-25% loss of fat in treated areas for a much better physique shape and contour. outcomes take regarding 8 weeks to see. Similar to liposuction, coolsculpting does not remove excess, saggy skin or stretch marks.

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Dr. Todd Malan Scottsdale Plastic surgeon takes fat from under patients arms that time injects in to hands.

Cosmetic / Plastic Surgeon, Scottsdale (Phoenix) , Arizona – Telephone call 480.998.7999

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Dr. Todd K Malan Scottsdale plastic surgeon patient reviews

What size breast implants do I choose?

Choosing an implant ought to be an exciting section of preparation for breast enhancement surgery. For some it can easily additionally be an anxiety provoking decision, hoping not to decide implants that are too big or too small. Every plastic surgeon has actually their own protocol for Opting for implants and I chance to further explain my process and chance to advice you make a choice you will certainly not regret.

Most Common Complaint?

More regularly compared to not, woman that undergo breast augmentation surgery say “I wish I would certainly have actually gone bigger.” Exactly how does this happen? I believe this is partly from Opting for the wrong implant yet additionally I believe the image patients are looking for adjustments after undergoing the surgery.

Many of my patients come in and say “I don’t hope to look fake,” or “I hope to look natural, merely along with A lot more breast fullness – enjoy prior to giving birth to my children.” This general concern for avoiding “too large” of implants can easily lead some to go with smaller sized compared to they are truly wanting.

Furthermore, the very first 4-6 weeks after a breast augmentation the implants tend to sit higher on the chest wall. Concurrent swelling will certainly offer the appearance and feel of larger breasts. The overlying skin hasn’t had time to stretch so the person could merely notice the implants A lot more regularly compared to not. Over the next 2-3 months as the skin stretches and the implants lose in to the A lot more right placement there is a change, and the implants seem smaller sized compared to exactly what they merely got used to. I believe this is a major section of why women say they wish they would certainly have actually picked larger implants.

My friend says to go at least 400 since that’s exactly what her friend did and she looks great!

I hear this all of too often. Patients tend to want the same implant size as their friend or based on their friend’s help to go bigger. This unfortunately leads to some poor decisions and regret. Every woman’s physique is different and even their own breasts will certainly differ to some degree. Your rib cage could be wider or breast shape and width could be totally different so even if you the 2 had the same exact implants you can easily end up along with a permanently different look. The natural breast size could differ and this additionally will certainly modification the outcome.

My Recommendation?

In my office, the last thing I want is for you to regret going too big or too small. Recently very a few women have actually consulted along with me to exchange their larger implants along with smaller. Once I ask Exactly how they chose the size they unanimously have actually said their surgeon chose for them. I feel this ought to be a joint decision between the patient and doctor as only you know exactly what you want. I’ve been married too long to even attempt at guessing exactly what a woman is truly wants. I use the Mentor sizing system which entails using shaped gel implants that are placed in a bra. I recommend bringing a strong color shirt, one that is a relatively tight fit, for your first consultation to use along with the sizing system. Then, looking in the mirror and attempting on different size implants, you tell me exactly what size you are hoping for. After taking your chest wall measurements and recognizing which size you like, we jointly decide exactly what will certainly ideal match your physique and offer you the look you want. I offer my personal opinion yet ultimately you are deciding the size you want as long as it’s within reason.

Concluding Thoughts:

In conclusion, there are a multitude of factors that go in to Opting for the perfect implant for your physique including: chest wall shape, breast footprint or original breast shape, hip size/shape, your overall goals, activity degree in sports and a history of youngster birth and/or breast feeding. No two breasts are alike and don’t sell on your own short by Opting for exactly what size your relative or friend tells you, or even your surgeon for that matter. This is your decision and I only chance to be a resource to advice along with that decision. Call our office today to established your consultation.

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Cosmetic / Plastic Surgeon, Scottsdale (Phoenix) , Arizona – Telephone call 480.998.7999

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Dr. Todd K Malan Scottsdale plastic surgeon patient testimonials
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Coolsculpting Specials


Hesitant to undergo surgery or merely don’t have actually the moment called for to recover from liposuction or a tummy tuck? Now there is a terrific non surgical different devoid of the downtime and minimal to zero discomfort. Click here with much more post on Coolsculpting. Josh R. Olson, MD is a plastic surgeon that will certainly make an individualized procedure strategy with you to conquer those stubborn fat bulges.

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Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon Tip Refinement

These days, it can easily be difficult to decide which weight-loss program or diet plan is the most effective for you because there are so lots of of them being promoted. You need to know that there isn’t any one program or diet plan that is ideal for everybody. It will certainly take some consideration on your section to locate the program or diet plan that works the most effective for you. You will certainly have actually to try different programs and diets to determine exactly how well they job for you. To guarantee that these programs and diets fit in to your lifestyle and are effective and safe for your physique you will certainly probably have actually to make some adjustments to them as you go. However, there are some effective and easy strategies that you can easily use to recommendations any weight-loss program and diet plan strategy be successful.

A meals diary is a excellent tool for anybody on a weight-loss program or diet plan plan. You can easily maintain a meals diary wherever it is a lot more convenient for you, either in a portable electronic device or in a notebook. You need to tape-record when, exactly how much, and just what you eat. That way, you’ll have the ability to go spine and calculate the nutrients, fats and various other post as required. A meals diary is a excellent method to give accountable, make awareness, and monitor your meals consumption. guarantee that you include all of your drinks, including water in your meals journal. This might recommendations you to expose regularly forgotten sources of fats and will certainly additionally recommendations you along with your water consumption.

Your physique can easily become confused by all of the preservatives and chemical additives that in lots of processed foods. Your cells can easily react differently compared to they would certainly to natural meals once these types of meals are broken down and digested. This might send a signal to your brain you’re your physique requires a lot more meals because the nutrients could not be used properly. This type of poor consuming habits might easily result in a cycle of overeating. The closer an ingredient or meals is to being natural, the a lot more satisfied you will certainly feel following a meal and the a lot more beneficial it will certainly to be to your body.

You wish to stay clear of becoming overly hungry. To maintain your blood sugar balanced, stomach satisfied, and your metabolism higher you need to consume approximately every three to four hours. You need to continue to be on a timetable by having three dishes and two to three snacks, all through your day.

To grab your metabolism and energy level started, you need to start your day by scheduling a balanced breakfast soon as feasible after you wake up in the morning. You need to consume most of your fats in the morning and afternoon and maintain your evening meal and snack fats to a minimum. Don’t skip consuming breakfast because this can easily result in an increased appetite, which can easily lead to eating way too much later in the day. You need to additionally drink a lot of water because your physique is primarily made up of yet it can’t store excess water. To preserve your body’s units functioning at their finest and to continue to be hydrated you need to drink water all through the day. This will certainly recommendations to maintain your stomach full between dishes and curb your appetite. You need to start your day along with a large glass of water, drink water continuously throughout the day, and drink a glass of water right prior to you go to bed at night.

You will certainly give accountable and make awareness if you monitor your meals consumption. guarantee that you include all of your drinks including water in your meals journal. This might expose regularly forgotten sources of fats and will certainly recommendations you along with your water consumption.

It is practical to your well being and your healthiness to reach and preserve your body’s appropriate weight. An proper and well balanced diet plan is a basic should meet this goal. These are some effective and easy strategies that you can easily use to recommendations any weight-loss program and diet plan strategy be successful.

Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon Face Lift

Facial aging is universal. A facelift reverses the normal direction of facial aging, and makes you look younger and fresher. As aesthetic surgery for the face is a highly individualized procedure and calls for terrific focus to detail, it has actually to be performed by a specialist. This short article offers you some practical pointers to go with the right plastic surgeon for your face lift surgery.

Tips to Discover a Qualified Surgeon for Your Face Lift

A lesser face lift reverses the effects of aging in the lesser section of the face and the neck. It reduces the effects of facial aging and gives you a much more youthful appearance. If you are young, you could require simply a mini face lift to appropriate a sagging jaw line and secure cheek skin. While you can easily easily Discover a plastic surgeon to perform the procedure, finding the right one calls for some work. You have to browse the web, look up lists and directories of qualified surgeons, shortlist a few, and routine consultations along with them prior to making your choice.  Factors to consider:

•    References: Request acquaintances and your family doctor for names of specialists. Talk to people that have actually undergone facelift surgery at a plastic surgery focus you are considering. A surgeon’s reputation depends on the quality of his job too as the opinion that people have actually regarding him. You can easily additionally look up testimonials, reviews and studies which price specialists based on their evaluation by their peers.

•    Qualifications and credentials: Grab post regarding the surgeon’s qualifications, credentials and board certification. Looking up the websites of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) is the very best means to Grab post on board-certified surgeons. Ensure the focus or office where the procedure is performed has actually AAAASF-accreditation.

•    Experience and skill: go with a surgeon along with terrific aesthetic awareness and ability in performing various types of facelifts. This will certainly guarantee optimal results. Check out prior to and after photos of the surgeon’s patients to Grab an pointer regarding the outcomes you can easily expect.

•    Technology: Ensure the surgeon utilizes the most recent technology and surgical procedures so that you are assured of an optimal outcome and a quick, smooth recovery.  

•    Ask questions: Talk to your surgeon and Ensure you are comfortable along with him or her or her. go with a surgeon you can easily trust. usage your very first consultation to ask questions regarding the procedure, cost, feasible complications, pre-operative preparation, recovery, post-surgical care, and any sort of various other procedures you could have to increase your facial looks. Stay clear of a surgeon that promises outcomes free of examining you or one that promises dramatic results.

Ultimately, your surgeon need to be focused on correcting the problems identified and providing natural-looking outcomes in a safe manner to make certain your satisfaction.

Cosmetic Surgery in a Safe and Comfortable Environment

To guarantee that your face lift surgery is a safe and comfortable experience, go with a plastic surgeon supported by a skilled and caring staff. This would certainly guarantee customized solutions and terrific care – right from the moment you enter the plastic surgery focus up to your finish recovery.